Norrbottens-Kuriren, September 1990





Norrbottens-Kuriren, September 1990


Thank you, Bambi


At the moment Bambi makes a success of doing causeries on radio. Her warm, worth considering, everyday causeries in the programme “Platform 4” have been very much appreciated. Many listeners write letters of thanks to her and explain that her five minutes mean a lot to them.


Although life hasn’t been very nice to her she has a lot to give and does just that! The force to do so comes from within:

- I have my own basic sense of security that I have built up myself. It helps me to help others.

If I can help, it makes me happy and strong, says Bambi, who thinks that people often are petty towards each other.

She herself is lavish of praise and commitment and her beautifully decorated three bedroom flat gives evidence of that it pays back in abundance. Postcards, works of art and a lot of other things tell that shown concern is a boomerang. Among other things she shows us a photo of an enormous flowering bush. On the back the photographer Ewy Boberg has written enthusiastically: “You’re so damned good that you’re worth a whole bush!”

Stig Carlsson at the local radio station, who is the producer of “Platform 4”, is also one of Bambi’s admirers. When we accompany Bambi to the local radio station to record her causerie, he lits up considerably:

- Bambi means so much, she comes in as a positive light and makes the day easier. Her causeries are very much appreciated. Once a lady listener called from her mobile phone when we were on air. She just had to say thanks for Bambi’s nice causerie that had given her such a nice experience where she sat driving on a sparkly winter’s day, tells Stig.



Translation; Monica Granström, Luleĺ