Norrskensflamman maj 1993



Norrskensflamman May 1993


A great




Bambi Elinsdotter from Luleå. The little great person who sat there in her wheelchair and sometimes smiled, sometimes cried of happiness to be the first to recieve this cultural prize of the donor´s hand. Bambi, who has a will to live and a fighting spirit like few people have, concluded the evening with a bunch of Edith Piaf-songs and she did it brilliantly accopanied by the excellent pianist Silvia Karpe.


Those of us, who already knew Bambi when the evening started,we know what she can achieve and to those who saw and heard her for the first time it must have been a fantastic experience. That such a tiny body can accomodate such a great voice is really a physical impossibility and that a chairbound person can rise to such an extent that she also rises the audience-well, that should be absolutely impossible-but not as far as Bambi is concerned.


She can talk a lot, Bambi, but this evening she didn´t talk so much. She sang so much more. The presentations of her songs were model short and instead she let us enjoy the songs with their content as touching as Bambi herself. It seemed like the applause would never end and when Bambi nearly drowned with flowers she finally sang her encore, Piaf´s showpiece “Padam, padam”.


In most cases the original is best and the copies just pale imitations, but this evening something else happened. I won´t exaggerate by saying that Bambi is greater than Piaf, but her version was far from a copy of the original. Bambi performed the song, and all other songs as well, in a very personal way and I have to say that tonight I liked Bambi´s version much better than any other version I´ve heard of Piaf´s songs.


Bambi, thank You for being there, as a friend, fellow being and artist! We love You because You are You and because You are here with us, here and now, and because You´re living Your life to it´s full!


(Lasse Jansson May 1993) (translation; Monica Granström, Luleå)





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