“1974 Bambi learned the song “I want to thank the life”, by a Chilean refugee. At that time she sang it in Spanish, later on she sang it in Swedish, a translation made by the troubadour and singer Jan Hammarlund.

- In some way it became the hymn of my life, “my song”.


Brian Hart, Sunday Sun mars/March 1993



”Därefter kom den förtjusande Bambi från Sverige. I båda akterna av showen lyste hon upp kvällen med sina känsliga tolkningar av ”Manhattan” och ”Someone to watch over me”. Hon har det där lilla magiska och ett underbart leende. Av någon anledning, kom jag att tänka på Eartha Kitt och Marlene Dietrich.

Nya Svenska Magasinet Februari 1991


(Birgitta Terpstra)



New Swedish Magazin February 1991

Bambi - you´re terrific!


Now she´s done it again - Bambi Elinsdotter Oscarsson from Luleå! It´s hard to find a sweeter, more cheerful and energetic lady among the Swedes here on the coast!


Last year she initiated by herself a musical performance at tha Salon Varieté in Fuengirola together with some of the coast´s best musicians. And now she´s done it again! Wednesday evening the 16th of January, the crucial evening when the whole world was waiting for how the Golf crisis was going to be solved, she, the tender and delicate singer from Scandinavia, who spends a few months every winter in Fuengirola, gave a roaring musical evening with her talented musician friends.


It was an unrivalled success! A radiant, captivating and professional evening, that we in the audience shan´t forget in a hurry! All participating artists were in a excellent form and let a delighted audience have their fill of lovely, swinging jazz mixed with a little more seroius evergreens and romantic ballads.


“Nobody mentioned - nobody forgotten” is a Swedish saying, often used on occasions like this, but in this case it really was all included, each and every one of the artists is worthy of great praise.


Bambi herself, a fairy princess, but at the same time Swedish champion in wheel chair racing and a superwoman inside, sang some of her songs, well known to all of us, made a dynamic rendition of the French “La vie en rose” and a fantastic “Memory”, where the strength of her voice took turns with a soft sensitivity in pianissimo. In one of her closing numbers she made, a duet with the jazz singer Trish Reynolds, a perfectly timed and to tears moving version of “Somewhere over the rainbow”.







(translation; Monica Granström, Luleå)